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Aleksandra Danicic

Aleksandra started violin studies at 7 in Germany and continues since. Her music career is built on teaching and freelance playing. She expanded playing styles to reflect her love of many genres and improvisation. Classical music is a deep passion, a violin's versatility led her to collaborate with (record for) various artists/bands such as Ethan Collister, Tone Indbryn, Toni Vere, Notas de 4, Jay Bowcott, Amy Bishop, Tom Phillips, Ralph Boyd Johnson, snake oil poet Xam Eitsirhc, Orit Shimoni,Rev Frank Band, Amy Thiessen, Curtis Glas, Laurie Anne Fuhr, Todd Maduke, Ruth Purves Smith, Mariel Buckley, Liz Stevens and others.

She joined L.A.'s Tremoloco on their 2017 Canadian tour. She performs in Calgary’s favorite music venues, other stages include festivals at North Country Fair, South Country Fair, Pembina River Nights, Frog Fest, Spaghetti Western and Expo Latino. She is a founding member of two current groups, Alchemy Rose Trio and an arts collective Precious Bohemians. She teaches in MRU Conservatory’s renowned Academy Program, where her role is to coordinate and coach several violin groups. She brings her “Bach To The Future in a Minuet” to Calgary streets as a busker. Aleksandra joined Wandering V’s in their shenanigans last spring and is thrilled to explore new musical horizons in a super fun and groovy party band.

Aleksandra Danicic

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